Nathan K Johnson Southern Utah, August 2011.

Nathan K Johnson

Video Game Designer

Why Game Design?

I became a game designer to fulfill a lifelong dream to build fun and engaging experiences using a combination of passion for games and innate creativity. Every game contains special moments that impact players with new situations or ideas—and a well-crafted design delivers that experience to make those moments in a player’s life memorable and enjoyable. I enjoy creating those experiences and delight when watching others go through them. In a more ancient time, I would have devoted myself to crafting things to improve people’s everyday lives.


During early childhood I created scenarios, stories, and games to play with siblings and friends. Eventually, the creative skills utilized while young developed further and allowed experience design through UI/UX design—now cultivated for nearly twenty years. As graduate school’s final year approached, I accepted a post teaching UI/UX design at a local college.

While a mentor and a guide to hundreds of young minds, I expanded my abilities in leading groups and effective communication. However, the greatest career success story to date arrived immediately after graduating, when a AAA game company hired me as a game designer to start right away.


When completing both BS and MFA degrees, the opportunity to explore areas of design and the liberal arts allowed the expansion of knowledge and love of learning. As well as while professionally practicing UX, visual, and game design (as an instructor of design and a design team collaborator), I’ve gained insight on the components of what makes design great and what it takes to create a successful product. Utilizing strong visual communication skills and creative thinking allowed work with cross-disciplinary teams to proceed smoothly.

As a game designer and a UX designer, my commanding perspective on the components of experience design has maintained the passion in creating those moments for others.


Selections from projects through game development career.


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